wellness 101

 it all starts here.  the foundation of all that follows

the wellness wheel

self discovery, understanding balance, stress vs relaxation response & finding out where we need to go

the big 5

a breakdown of our wellness program.  sharing some of the tools to get us on our way to balance, wellness, physical and emotional change

the big 5  - broken down

specific conversations regarding how we think, how we eat and how we interact as couples 

30 policies for a life affirming living experience

common sense but rarely explored ideas to incorporate into our living dynamic.  open ended, interactive and enlightening...everyone learns something included

a family of wild boars in spain - the science of change

everyone i know wants to change something about themselves.  change is not easy for many reasons.  here we discuss the basics, the neuroscience, the quantum and consciousness of change, providing you with a platform from which you can start making the changes you seek. a must for all who are looking to be a better version of themselves

posture & emotions, emotions & posture

the undeniable effect posture has on our emotions, even the development of disease and vice versa.  what the smart phone and computers have done to a generation, the dangers of forward head tilt, and detachment

tox & detox

what physical and quantum toxicity is, how the body deals with the storage and elimination thereof, the 12 hour rule, principles and strategies for physical and emotional detox & the illuminating magic of a thorough detox

body work

the why, the what, the who, the goals, how often?. energy, life flow, obstacles to flow, natural inborn intelligence, the ‘conversation’, the creation vs the stress response...acceptance

the dis-connect... the re-connect - the way forward

a look at where we as a species, where we may have taken the wrong turn, how one path is easily perpetuated while the other is so hard to get on, the ego, strategies to reconnect before the soul gives up on us 


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