my work is dedicated to the human being, their capacities, values, worth and ability to live dignified lives


The mutual benefits of investing in our working communities are undeniable and well documented.  

Time, cost and not knowing what investment will meet our needs typically prevents us from taking action.  

Our one-off presentation on the fundamentals of wellness, to include a hands-on stress reduction session, will give you an idea of our vision and if we are the right fit for your company.  

We want to be part of your story.    


who WE are?

IN-HOUSE is the culmination of Dr. Colin Moore’s 26 years of wellness practice in America and Europe & his desire to share this experience with companies like yours in the Western Cape & the greater Southern Africa.

His sister, Bronwyn, founder of Community Cohesion, is responsible for social & crisis management counselling as well as empowerment workshops.


why work with us?

By coming to you, time, energy & needless expense are saved.

Our initiatives fit seamlessly into daily work routines.

Our unique 2 dimensional approach allows for deeper and more sustainable change.

Regardless of your budget, we will tailor make a program that meets your needs.

Human potential and performance are our passions.


What your working community will learn

How to identify what's important through self discovery.

How to build a wellness program around what's important through self mastery.

Balance and it's effect on the stress vs creation response.

The neuroscience, quantum physics and dynamics of change in an easily digestible format.

How to become active participants in their life and health.


our program is built ON THE MANY LAYERS OF